How Fast Can They Garnish My Checks?


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How Fast Can They Garnish My Checks?

Other than IRS or student loan debts, creditors can only garnish your wages once they have sued and obtained a court judgment against you.

Can Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stop A Wage Garnishment?

Yes, absolutely. However, any funds deducted before the filing of a chapter 7 or chapter 13 will be turned over to the creditor. So it’s best to do it before there’s a wage garnishment or immediately upon notice of a wage garnishment.

What About A Wage Assignment?

Wage assignments are built into a contract you signed. The provision gives the creditor permission to start a garnishment quickly without going to court because you authorized it when you bought the car, furniture, or took out the loan. Bankruptcy can put a stop to these garnishments too.

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