Stop Creditor Actions in Chicago, IL, by Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


COVID-19 has changed the landscape of Bankruptcy Law in Illinois. Robert J. Adams & Associates remains open to assist you through these challenging and confusing times. We are offering Remote Filings to Facilitate Our Clients.

$0 Up-Front (no down payment)* Your case can be filed almost immediately. Coming to the office is your choice. Many cases filed over the phone and/or by video For Immediate debt relief Call now: (312) 724-5650 *We advance the filing fee for qualified wage earners.

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Stop Creditor Actions

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you immediate protection. By law, creditors cannot initiate new actions, continue to garnish your wages or even contact you to demand payment.

Robert J. Adams & Associates is aggressive in invoking and enforcing the automatic stay of bankruptcy. Our Chicago bankruptcy lawyers can file your bankruptcy petition right away in urgent cases to force creditors to back off.

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We understand you may not be able to pay the filing fee, especially on short notice. We offer Low Cost filing for qualifying clients so that you can get immediate relief from creditors. Complimentary consultation at (312) 724-5650.

Relief From The Lawsuits And Harassment

The automatic stay of bankruptcy is a powerful tool against relentless creditors and ruthless bill collectors. Our attorneys can explain how Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can be used not only to reduce your debts but to halt creditor actions.

We have helped hundreds of clients in Cook County and Lake County file for bankruptcy protection to deal with:

  • Garnishments and bank liens — Keep your paychecks.
  • Vehicle repossession — Get your car back.
  • Cars booted for traffic fines — Avoid license suspension.
  • IRS tax liens — Discharge back taxes or clear liens.
  • Creditor harassment — Stop the threats and abuse.
  • Foreclosure — Save your home and catch up on the mortgage.

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You can stop creditor actions by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Chicago, IL. This will force your creditors to back off immediately. Call Robert J. Adams & Associates in Chicago, IL to discuss your financial issues with our experienced debt relief and bankruptcy attorneys. We have offices located in Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois and we also help clients in surrounding areas. We have experience aiding people with bankruptcy, debt relief, foreclosures, repossessions, paycheck garnishments, collections suits, payday loans, parking tickets, license suspensions, income tax problems and much more. Call (312) 724-5650 today to speak to our experienced bankruptcy lawyers and find a solution to stop creditor actions immediately in Chicago, Illinois.

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