It Is Income Tax Refund Time. Who Can Take It From Me?
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It Is Income Tax Refund Time. Who Can Take It From Me?

March 17, 2020

Some people are afraid to file their income tax returns. Why? One fear is that creditors will take it.

First of all, private collectors can’t take or garnish your Income Tax refund.

Who can?

The Federal Government and state government agencies

  1. Past IRS debt;
  2. Past due child support payments;
  3. Other federal agencies (such as student loans in default);
  4. Past due state income taxes;
  5. Unemployment compensation you must payback.
What about a judgment against me for a credit card? They can’t take your income tax refund.

What happens when my refund goes to my bank? If there is a bank garnishment a creditor can grab it.

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