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Chicago Parking Tickets

March 13, 2019
The New “Fresh Start” Payment Plan

It is possible to discharge all or some Chicago Parking tickets in Chapter 7? Yes! (Sorta)

This applies to:


Filing Chapter 7: eliminate tickets older than 3 years old as of the date of the filing.

What About Newer Tickets? (Less Than 3 Years)

The original amounts. The increase penalties will be gone. The resulting balance has to be repaid over a period of time.

Ticket fines double when not paid. A $60 ticket becomes $120; a $100 ticket becomes $200. Under this program the repayment goes back to the original amount.

Tickets younger than 3 years at the original amount will have to be repaid over a period of 6 months to 5 years.

Completing the program and you receive a discharge in Chapter 7 the city will waive all the fines and costs. Also, you must pay any ticket you get during the installment payment term.

What About Cars Towed Or Booted By The City?

To enroll in the program and get the car back: you must pay 25% of the tickets younger than 3 years but only at the face amount. Example: $5,000 in tickets; $3,000 less than 3 years; going back to the original amount: $1,500: Immediate payment of about $375.

Car impounded for other reasons (like driving on a suspended license)? Same as the above plus $1,000 or $1,375.

Steps To Take


  1. List your name and address;
  2. your license number;
  3. All known license plate numbers; (past and present)
  4. If the vehicle has been booted or impounded state why: parking tickets or perhaps driving on a suspended license

The city will then send its proposal to you.

Bring the proposal to our office so we can together determine what it your best interest: call 312-724-5650.

If you like the proposal file Chapter 7. If you don’t like the proposal perhaps file Chapter 13.

When you file Chapter 7 take the following to 400 West Superior:

  1. Copy of Chapter 7 petition with case number on it;
  2. Schedule of debts;
  3. Schedules and statement of financial affairs; and
  4. Copy of Driver’s license or State ID.


Chapter 13 may be the better solution with Chicago tickets that are younger than 3 years old. That is why you have to determine how much you owe for tickets younger than 3 years old. If you only have unsecured debts such as parking tickets most of our clients pay about $100 per month. When completely the Chapter 13 plan the tickets as well as all other listed debts are gone forever.

What About Converting An Existing Chapter 13?

The date to determine what is older than 3 years runs from the date of filing Chapter 13 and not the date of converting the Chapter 13 to Chapter 7. So, may not work.

What this does not provide for:

  1. Illinois Tollway debts;
  2. Tickets outside of Chicago;
  3. Tickets given by a police officer.
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

If all your tickets are older than 3 years the city will waive the tickets upon getting a Chapter 7 discharge.

Repayment plan for the tickets: the city will waive all tickets when you complete the program.

During the term of the repayment program you must pay any new tickets.

If you get a repayment plan and you fall behind: what then? The city will allow you on 2 occasions to catch up. But, not a 3rd time.

If you do not complete the repayment plan you will owe all the tickets: even the ones older than 3 years and penalties will come back. Don’t file Chapter 7 unless you are 100% sure then you can complete the program. Filing Chapter 13 may well be a safer bet for you.

Call ROBERT J. ADAMS right away and end the nightmare of tickets.

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