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What Is Small Business Reorganization And Bankruptcy?

Robert J. Adams and Associates July 22, 2020

When businesses (individual owned or incorporated) are overwhelmed with debt and with no practical way of negotiating with creditors they should look to our bankruptcy laws.

The question becomes can the company survive if there can be a reasonable plan to deal with its debts. The following Chapters explore reorganization through our bankruptcy laws. Or, if the business must shut down how to close the business and limiting the impact on the owners and stockholders.

Our experiences have shown each client is unique and so are its problems and its solutions.

Before determining the options for a small business it has to be determined how the business is owned:

  1. Sole Proprietorship: either individually or a married couple.

  2. A Partnership

  3. A Corporation including LLCs and S corporations. This can include a For Profit corporation or a Not-For-Profit Corporation.

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