How Do Parking Tickets And Arrests Contribute To Debt?

The city of Chicago is aggressively looking for infractions on parking meters and red light cameras. When people cannot pay immediately, these fees and fines are doubled. People then cannot possibly catch up. Parking tickets and red light tickets are not dischargeable in a chapter 7 bankruptcy but are dischargeable in chapter 13. We frequently do chapter 13 cases for as little as $100 per month.

Can Filing For Bankruptcy Help Me Discharge Or Repay Fines?

Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you repay fines. Generally, we use a very low dividend, such as ten percent. So, if you owe $7,000, you would pay back $700.

Are There Any Specific Stipulations Or Parameters That Would Not Allow Tickets To Be Discharged?

Parking tickets, red light tickets, and even Illinois tollway fines are dischargeable. Moving violations, on the other hand, are not.

Can Filing A Bankruptcy Help Me Get My Driver’s License Back?

If a license has been suspended for parking tickets or red light tickets or tollway debts that driver’s license can be reinstated within a few days of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

How Does Someone Get Their Driver’s License Back Through Bankruptcy?

Upon the filing of the chapter 13, a notice is given to the city and the Secretary of State. The individual then goes to one of the offices of the city, pays a fee of $72, and his or her license will be returned.

Additional Information On Bankruptcy Discharge of Parking Tickets

Tollway violations are from the state of Illinois, not the city of Chicago. If you do not take action before the car is towed by the city of Chicago, it becomes extremely difficult and expensive to get the car back. In some cases, you will not get the car back. People should take action as soon as possible when dealing with tollway violations.

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