Filing Bankruptcy During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Law Firm of Robert J. Adams & Associates remains open. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic we are helping people file Bankruptcy. Also, the Bankruptcy Courts remain open.

The Bankruptcy Court and our law firm has adapted to the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Social distancing is always maintained;
  2. People do not appear in person in court:
    • Lawyers and clients (when needed) appear by telephone; or
    • By Zoom or AT&T;
  3. The Bankruptcy Court continues to be online for all parties;
  4.  Any person entering the courthouse must wear a face mask or cover;
  5. The Bankruptcy Court has cancelled all in-person trustee meeting:
    • Bankruptcy trustee’s meeting are held by telephone at your lawyer’s office; or
    • By Zoom at your lawyer’s office; or
    • If necessary: you stay at home and by Zoom meet with your lawyer and the trustee.

Can I Still File Bankruptcy?

YES. With this pandemic your Safety is paramount. We have made significant changes to keep you safe. Robert J. Adams & Associates can do both in-person, virtual, or telephone appointments.

On our website we have a collection of articles and videos. They answer many of the common questions we get. We invite you to look at them.

Please call us to answer any of your questions.  

The lawyers and the staff at Robert J. Adams & Associates wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

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