Chicago Parking Tickets – Things You Should Know About

Did you ever park your car to run into a store for a few minutes? You come back out and find a big fat Chicago Parking ticket on your windshield. It has happened to me. Ruins your day!

Accumulated parking tickets are a major headache; license suspension; being “booted”; cars impounded. If the tickets go to a collection lawyer it can be a bad mark on your credit; and, even a lawsuit and wage garnishment.

How dangerous is a license suspension? A recent survey: half the people lose a job or can’t get a job.

People often don’t know that their parking tickets have gotten out hand. Some find out when they a cop pulls you over. Not a good way to learn as your car could is towed. Might even go to jail.

How Do I Find out If I Have Tickets? how Do I Pay Tickets?


Where Do I Pay My Parking Tickets?

Check the following website:

The sites feature helpful information on red light and automated speed enforcement cameras. It has a handy search feature: 1) you can pay tickets; 2 check status; and, 3) search for outstanding tickets.

A “simple parking ticket” isn’t always simple.. What happens if my car is impounded? My driver’s license is suspended. Is bankruptcy a good solution? That why the lawyers at ROBERT J. ADAMS & ASSOCIATES are here for you. Come in for a consultation.

We can give you the information for you to make the best way to handle accumulated tickets. Some clients choose Chapter 7 with Chicago new “Fresh Start” program. Some clients are better off with a low dividend Chapter 13. Most important is to know your options.

Is Bankruptcy a Solution when You Owe Thousands of Dollars for Tickets?

Bankruptcy will not help for tickets given by police officer: such as Speeding, Texting while driving, etc.

Bankruptcy may be the solution for parking tickets, red light tickets, and camera tickets. Robert J. Adams & Associates has helped innumerable clients solve their ticket problem. Some file Chapter 7 and some file Chapter 13. Driver licenses suspended for parking tickets, etc. can be restored.

For a fuller discussion on benefits of filing bankruptcy, please go to this page.

Disclaimer: Posting on legal matters is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.

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