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Traffic Ticket Debt or License Suspension

Even one speeding citation, red light ticket or tollway violation can be a hardship when you have other bills and expenses. The amount doubles if you don’t pay the fine in a certain time. Before you know it, multiple tickets and fines on top of fines can add up to thousands of dollars. Then it gets worse — unpaid traffic fines can lead to your car being booted or your Illinois driver’s license being suspended.

Robert J. Adams & Associates can help if you are in serious debt from traffic offenses. Filing for bankruptcy can prevent license suspension and erase or reduce your debts. We have helped clients discharge as much as $5,000 worth of accumulated traffic fines and penalties to alleviate debt and regain their driving privileges.

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Find out if you can eliminate your traffic fines through bankruptcy. Our attorneys file cases in Cook County and Lake County, for no money down if you qualify.

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The city of Chicago has gone overboard with stoplight violations, installing cameras at countless intersections that have triggered thousands of tickets. Our attorneys have helped clients eliminate traffic fines through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, such as any combination of:

  • Red light camera tickets (five or more unpaid tickets trigger suspension)
  • Tollway tickets (five or more unpaid toll violations)
  • Multiple parking tickets (10 or more unpaid parking citations)
  • Speed enforcement tickets (increased fines in work zones)
  • Driving without insurance (fines start at $500)

Government agencies (Chicago Transit Authority, City of Chicago, Cook County) can also suspend employees for accumulating traffic fines. We have represented bus drivers, police officers, firefighters and other public employees who cannot afford to pay their tickets.

In addition to your driver’s license, your vehicle itself may be in danger. We can intervene if your car has been booted for unpaid traffic tickets or if you are facing repossession for missed car payments.

An Alternative To Paying The Tickets

Most traffic citations are civil violations, which are not dischargeable in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, they can be discharged in Chapter 13. You repay a portion of the fines through monthly payments and the rest is forgiven. Upon notice of your bankruptcy filing, the Secretary of State will reinstate your driver’s license.

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Losing your license is a major hardship. If you are burdened by traffic ticket debt and facing suspension, contact us today to arrange a free consultation at our offices in Chicago or Waukegan.

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