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Client Testimonials

Robert J. Adams Reviews

Great Time

“It was a great time. He is a very caring and concerning attorney.”

Jackson C.

Down To Earth Lawyer

“Robert Adams is a good down to earth lawyer that met all of my expectations. The entire process was smooth and he has great communication skills.”


Highly Recommended

“I made a good solid decision in hiring Robert Adams. I was updated periodically and treated with respect. I would definitely recommend utilizing Legal service provided by Robert Adams and his staff.”

George K.

Very Attentive And Nice

“I think the staff was very attentive and nice. Their follow-up was very good. I liked their demeanor and how friendly everyone was.”

John A.

Super Happy

“I have worked with Robert twice now and will continue to use him if needed because I am super happy with his service. He listens and gives great advice and follows through with what he says he can and will do.”


Highly Recommended

“I would highly recommend him, and his communication was good. I felt like he always kept me up to date on what was going on. Whenever I called in I was quick to get a callback or response.”

Anthony C.

Great Person

“I would describe Robert Adams as a great person and they are very welcoming and they explained everything in detail for what I needed. They always took the time to talk to me about any questions I had and It was a good experience to work with them.”

Nilza M.


“Thanks again for helping me save my house and ME! I’ll never forget that as long as I live! The house thanks you too!”

A Satisfied Client

Very Helpful!!

“Mr. Adams was very helpful, he did well for my case.”

Tasha T.

I Would Certainly Recommend Them!!

“Attorney Adams was very nice, and they all treated me very well. I would certainly recommend them.”

Jamil A.

I Like Working With Him

“I have dealt with them before and I have had an enjoyable experience in the past. I like working with him.”

Zettie C.

The Information He Gave Me Was Accurate And Helpful!!

“Mr. Adams was recommended to me. The information he gave me was accurate and helpful.”

Ronald S.

They Are Very Reliable

“They are very reliable. Good people. They are Fair and they work with you to help out as much as possible and explain everything to fullest.”

Stewart P.

Their Willingness To Help, Made It As Easy As Possible

“I would call and make an appointment and they were very helpful, and I had no hassles with them. Their willingness to help made it as easy as possible.”

Jennifer G.

Explained Everything About My Case Really Well!!

“They walked me through everything and explained everything about my case really well.”

Katrice W.

Exceptional Service!!

“Robert J. Adams and Associates were easy to work with and helped my family and me through a very tough situation. I am thankful for the exceptional service rendered and will certainly recommend them to friends and family. I appreciate the follow-up and ease of knowing if I have questions, they are quick with providing answers. Overall, I am pleased!”

A Satisfy Client

Best Bankruptcy Attorney In The Chicago Area

“I used Robert Adams & Associates. This law firm handled everything thoroughly and on time. If you have never been through a bankruptcy before; you don’t realize how important it is to choose the right attorney. I told my brother, you need to use this firm. He did not listen and his attorney did nothing on time and he lost his truck. I had a friend recently lose her apartment building because (in another state) her bankruptcy attorney did not do her paperwork on time. You need a bankruptcy attorney who will get the job done and on time. This is the firm. I was told they are the best and THEY ARE!!! Don’t judge by if they are on tv or not. They are not all the same…WHATEVER THE JOB IS, IF THIS FIRM SAYS THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF IT, THEY WILL. Whatever reason you need a bankruptcy attorney; you want it done correctly because if not, you pay the price, not your attorney. The results and the outcome of the bankruptcy will affect your finances. These people that are abreast of the laws. They don’t shortcut. I did my homework to find out who was the best in the Chicago Area. They proved to me by the way they handled my case that they are.”


Great Experience During A Bad Time

“Hi I am Rob I was a former client of Mr. Adams. I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2011. My family was going through a very bad time financially so I went to see Mr. Adams, and filed a bankruptcy with his firm. It was very easy and not as expensive as the other two lawyers who I went to see. The firm consultation was free, only money down they needed was court cost, and best of all they had low monthly payments. the entire process only took 4 months until I got a discharge. I had a great experience if I ever came into financial difficulty I would go see him again.”


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Christine B. Adams Reviews

Made Me Feel Comfortable !!

“Made me feel comfortable when I was nervous.”

Brenda A.

The Customer Service Was Great!!

“The customer service was great. They were great with my financial problems and payment plan options. The entire staff treated me well.”

Lacresha C.

He Is Friendly And Cheaper Than Average!!

“Most definitely recommend, he is friendly and cheaper than average.”

Albert T.

I Got My Life Back…. Thanks Tina!!!“Christine (Tina) Adams is not just a BK attorney she feels like family. Every since I began working with Tina she has made this process feel more than just a case number but more of a personal situation. It’s amazing how she remembers not just your name but things about your family as well. I was terrified about the entire process but working with the Robert J Adams family especially Tina and Michael made things go smooth as butter. If Life throws you a curve ball, I suggest working with a friend (attorney) like Christine (Tina) Adams!! Thanks for giving me my life back.”

Dwan J.

Excellent And Efficient Service Before, During And After The Filing!!!“Tina, Tiffany and Michael provided me with a very professional, responsive and effective service while keeping me informed and educating me. This was almost 3 years ago. Now I’m in the process of buying a house!!!!

Would recommend their firm to everyone. They really took care of me. Thank you very much!! ”


I Highly Recommend Tina Adams If You Are Considering Bankrupcy!“If you are looking to file bankruptcy definitely talk with Tina Adams. I was feeling very nervous about filing and Tina really listened, talked to me about my situation and helped me make a decision. This was 5 years ago and it was the best decision I made. I was able to have a new financial start in life and was able to “overcome” being ashamed. I learned from my past financial mistakes and have moved past them with Tina’s help. I have recommended her to everyone that I have found to be in my situation. Thank you, Tina, for helping my family out.”


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Michael C. Burr Reviews

A Wonderful Experience!!“When I needed information such as discharge paperwork they were right on it, and they were able to fax everything over immediately. A wonderful experience.”

Darlene J.

I Give Them A+ For Customer Service!!“Everything went smooth. Customer service was great and they were very welcoming and the staff was great, even with my payment. Gave extensions on payments when I needed. I give them A+ for customer service!”

Shanae W.

Positive Experience!!“I have had a positive experience so far.”

Wanda B.

Very knowledgeable“Mr. Burr answered some very complex questions during my initial consultation, and followed-up to ensure there were no other questions.”


I Love This Law Firm“We came to Robert J Adams during a difficult time in our life when we needed to declare bankruptcy. He was very respectful and everything was explained to us very clearly and he took the time to answer all our questions. His staff is amazing and they are real people. Adriane, Tiffany, Robbie, Rickie and Michael, all knew my wife and me and became close friends. Our case was assigned to Michael C. Burr because he goes before our judge. Michael is a great attorney. He always helps us when we call. And when we missed a few payments with the Trustee, he fixed everything. Michael and his wonderful staff were very professional, organized and keep you updated. They always responded to my calls and concerns immediately. Furthermore, the fees are reasonable and clearly explained.

Before consulting Mr. Adams, we had consulted with other attorneys and you can keep your Tv attorneys, because last time I filed I went through that nightmare, that tv attorney did not explain the process well and seemed annoyed and difficult to work with they never allowed us to speak to an attorney when we called. It also took us almost 6 months to pay his fees. Mr. Adams filed our case for $375 instead of the entire fee ups front.

So we know that we were very lucky to have found Mr. Adams and Michael Burr.
After all the stress and money Mr. Michael Burr and Mr. Adams made it possible for us to keep our house, the cars and we got rid of our second mortgage. Now we are able to save money because all of our bills are in one payment. We are very satisfied with his work and we highly recommend him and this law firm to anyone.”

R. Carter

He Was Nice, Professional And He Knows The Law

“Many years ago I found myself divorced and single mother. Although I really tried to make ends meet, I just keep falling behind with my bills. Before going to Robert J. Adams I consulted with two other attorneys that I saw on TV regarding bankruptcy. As soon as I got in the door, they wanted to talk about fees and not my problems, I felt like I was being interrogated and they treated me like I did something wrong.

At that time I was working two jobs and had two small children to look after and between rent, household bills and daycare I had no money to pay old credit cards and medical bills. I found Robert J. Adams & Associates through a close friend of mine. It was like I struck gold, as Robert is not on TV. After consulting with Robert for one minute, I knew that he was the right attorney for me and my family. His staff was so welcoming, Robert’s experience and knowledge provided me with a level of comfort that the other attorneys did not. When my case got complicated and the credit card company filed an adversary, Robert took them to trial, and after 2 days, he won the case.

That was over 12 years ago. Recently I had medical problems and after insurance, I still owed the hospital thousands of dollars. After two years of trying to negotiate with the collection companies, I call Robert. He again filed my cases and my life got instantly better. I also got to work with Michael Burr this time. I highly recommend Michael Burr to anyone considering bankruptcy. He was nice, professional and he knows the law.”


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