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Robert J. Adams & Associates

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Robert J. Adams Endorsements

“I highly endorse Mr. Adams. Truly exceptional and caring attorney who achieves great results in representing clients! I really want all people to contact him for help.”

Mark C, Immigration Attorney

“I endorse Robert. Highly respected in the legal community with an outstanding reputation for client advocacy and dedication.”

Richard G, Divorce and Separation Attorney

“Very experienced lawyer, that has practiced bankruptcy law for many years. Robert is a skillful attorney and respected individual in the bankruptcy field. I endorse this lawyer.”

Christopher D, Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

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Christine B. Adams Endorsements

“I endorse this lawyer. Christine provides a valuable service on Avvo. She gives excellent answers to user questions on this site. I am happy to endorse her.”

Charles F, Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

“I highly endorse Mrs. Adams. Truly exceptional and caring attorney who achieves great results in representing clients! I really want all people to contact her for help.”

Mark C, Immigration Attorney

“Tina Adams is a compassionate advocate who works tirelessly on behalf of her clients. She is highly respected in the legal community and would be the right choice for anyone in financial trouble facing Bankruptcy.”

Paul W, DUI and DWI Attorney

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Michael C. Burr Endorsements

“Michael is a highly skilled, diligent and knowledgeable attorney who is well-known in the legal community for his outstanding professionalism. He was able to obtain satisfactory results even for clients whose cases were incredibly difficult by dedicating his time and effort to achieve the best results. I certainly endorse this lawyer and have no doubt he will be of great help to anyone seeking legal advice or representation within his main areas of practice.”

Gregory C, Mesothelioma and Asbestos Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Go see an attorney who has practiced bankruptcy and knows what they are doing. Would you go see a surgeon who has performed 3 surgeries or 500? Think about it. You want experience and knowledge and accurate advice. Hence, I endorse Michael. I am not in his state and thus no relation at all..but do see his answers and time to spend providing them on AVVO. Call him now is my advice from an attorney who has practice myself 29 years and over 5,400 filings!”

Richard G, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

“The time a lawyer spends giving back through sites like this show passion for the law and compassion for people. Kudos to you for helping so many people.”

John P, Personal injury Attorney

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Brian C. Pedersen Endorsements

“I have worked with Brian for more than 15 years. He has a great combination of energy and experience. His caring attitude puts clients at ease during a difficult time in their lives. He puts his skills to work in the courtroom several times every week laying the foundation and building the relationships to ensure he gets the best result possible for his clients. He is able to bring all these talents together for any client. Whether the matter is big or small, Brian will get the job done.”

Michael B, Chapter 13 bankruptcy Attorney

“I’ve known Brian Pedersen for the better part of a decade and have always found him to be a worthy adversary. He’s a gentleman on the field but doesn’t back down in the face of a legitimate claim. I would not hesitate to endorse Brian if you are in need of an experienced and well-respected bankruptcy attorney.”

David F, Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I first met Brian C. Pedersen as a young lawyer eager to enter the bankruptcy practice .Together we have representing Consumer Bankruptcy (both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) clients. Brian dived into the practice to learn as much as he could and to put his knowledge and skill into practice. Now he and I have been together for over 26 years. Brian is an excellent writer and over the years has authored many of the legal drafting for our cases. He earned the respect the judiciary because he is honest and diligent. Fellow attorney’s often turn to him for advise in bankruptcy matters (and sports matters). In summary the clients he works with receive the highest quality of legal services possible. He has always had a tremendous record of success. And we are proud to have him in our firm.”

Robert A, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

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