Personal Bankruptcy May Be The Solution To Your Debt Troubles

Making ends meet can be hard, especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck. Every dollar of your earnings is required just to get by. Often, people start off doing just fine, but then there's an unexpected expense and something's gotta give. Maybe it's a credit card payment, which results in late fees and higher bills. Perhaps the auto insurance was raised on the car. Maybe someone in the family lost their job. Pretty soon everything's late, and you find yourself jumping whenever the phone rings, or dreading the mailbox.

Explore Your Options
If any of this sounds familiar, consider meeting with the Chicago bankruptcy lawyers at Robert J. Adams & Associates. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your options. We have offices in Chicago (West Loop) or Waukegan. Call 312-767-5136 today.

What Our Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Do

The financial specifics are different for each person, but many of the fears and anxieties are the same. You do not have to live in this constant state of worry and stress. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you get relief from many types of debt as well as relief from creditor actions that are threatening your home, your possessions and your sanity.

  • Chapter 7 Discharge — A Fresh Financial Start
    A Chapter 7 bankruptcy permanently erases credit card balances and other forms of unsecured debt. This option often works for those who do not have a particularly high income or a lot of assets, as you must be able to a pass a financial "means test" to qualify. The special exemptions of Chapter 7 may allow you to keep your home, car, retirement savings and other necessities.
  • Chapter 13 Repayment — Breathing Room
    A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to pay down your debts over time without interest or penalty. It may be the solution if you earn too much to qualify for Chapter 7 or if you need to catch up on your mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure.

Regardless of which option you choose, simply beginning the process can bring immediate relief. On the day that you file, the automatic stay of bankruptcy forces creditors and bill collectors to stop all collection efforts, including harassing phone calls and legal actions. Filing bankruptcy can also delay foreclosure proceedings, providing time to find the right alternative.

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We have 40 years of experience helping clients find solutions to financial difficulties. We get 80 percent of our clients from referrals, so it's in our best interest to approach your situation with intelligence and empathy. Take advantage of a free consultation to take the first steps to planning out your course of action, whether that means filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, or exploring other debt solution options. We'll help you gather a fresh perspective as you prepare for the battle ahead.

Robert J. Adams established the firm in 1976, with the belief that consumers should have options when it comes to dealing with their debts and avoiding harassment. Today, there are four attorneys on our team, including Robert's own daughter, Tina, all experienced in consumer bankruptcy law.

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